Pistachio Pour-N-Serve Liquid Gelato




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  • 1 Bar of 1L = 2.5lbs of Gelato
    • 1 Unit is a case of 12 bars or 12 Liters
  • 14 Months Shelf Life at Room Temperature
  • Once opened use within 5 days
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Pistachio Perfection: The Alpines' Bounty Unleashed

Embark on a journey of pure indulgence with our Pistachio Gelato, crafted from the richest, creamiest milk sourced from a traditional creamery nestled amid the breathtaking Italian Alps. What sets our Pistachio Gelato apart is the blend of time-honored artisanal craftsmanship and the popular allure of natural, authentic ingredients.

The Pistachio Experience:

Alpine Elegance: Every scoop of our Pistachio Gelato is a nod to the majesty of the Italian Alps. The natural, untouched beauty of the surroundings finds its way into every bite, creating a truly enchanting experience.

Pure Alpine Milk Magic: The base of our Pistachio Gelato is made with the pure, velvety milk sourced from cows that are free to graze and roam the lush Alpine pastures. This freedom results in milk of unparalleled quality, which forms the heart of our delectable creation.

Nature's Bounty: We keep it simple and pure, letting nature's bounties shine. The natural essence of pistachios takes center stage, making our Pistachio Gelato a real treat for those who appreciate genuine flavors derived from the finest ingredients.

Pistachio Paradise: The true hero of our gelato is the pistachio. We use the finest pistachios, expertly roasted to enhance their rich, nutty flavors, and create a gelato that's truly a pistachio paradise.

Crafted with Compassion: Our artisans take immense pride in their work, combining the traditions of the past with modern expertise to ensure every batch is a masterpiece. It's a labor of love that's evident in each spoonful.

Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed in a classic cone, a dish, or as an accompaniment to your favorite desserts, our Pistachio Gelato is a versatile treat that complements every occasion. It's the perfect balance of nutty, creamy, and sweet.

Savor the Alpine Bounty:

Immerse yourself in the pistachio-infused serenity of our Pistachio Gelato, where the charm of the Italian Alps and the essence of free-range cows come together to create a dessert that's truly a taste of nature.

Experience Alpine Bounty Today! 

Unleash the pure, Alpine-inspired delight of Pistachio Perfection with Gelato per Tutti's Pistachio Gelato. Let the richness of natural ingredients and the freedom of the Alps elevate your dessert experience to new heights.