Stracciatella Pour-N-Serve Gelato Mix



  • 1 Bar of 1L = 2.5lbs of Gelato
    • 1 Unit is a case of 12 bars or 12 Liters
  • 14 Months Shelf Life at Room Temperature
  • Once opened use within 5 days

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Stracciatella Gelato: The Alpine Art of Creamy Elegance

Savor the delicate harmony of our Stracciatella Gelato, a decadent treat handcrafted from the purest milk sourced from a traditional creamery nestled amidst the enchanting Italian Alps. Stracciatella Gelato, a beloved classic, has earned its popularity due to its use of natural ingredients and a commitment to the well-being of cows that graze freely in the untouched Alpine pastures. What sets our Stracciatella Gelato apart is the absence of added colors, ensuring that its beauty is as natural as the pristine Alpine landscapes that inspire it.

The Stracciatella Experience:

Alpine Artistry: Each exquisite scoop of our Stracciatella Gelato is a testament to the untamed beauty of the Italian Alps. The unspoiled essence of these surroundings is reflected in every bite, creating an extraordinary experience that transports you to the heart of the Alpines.

Pure Alpine Milk Magic: At the heart of our Stracciatella Gelato lies the pure, velvety milk sourced from cows that graze freely in the lush Alpine pastures. This freedom results in milk of unparalleled quality, ensuring a creaminess that is second to none.

Chocolate Elegance: Stracciatella is an artful combination of the pure milk of Fiordilatte and the decadent allure of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is skillfully crafted into delicate shavings, masterfully blended into the creaminess of Fiordilatte, and allowed to crystallize, creating those delectable, fine ribbons of chocolate that define Stracciatella.

Stracciatella Sophistication: Our Stracciatella Gelato is a tribute to the timeless art of blending, where silky creaminess and the bittersweet touch of dark chocolate merge to create a flavor that's comforting and irresistibly elegant.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Our artisans bring together age-old techniques with modern precision to ensure that each batch of Stracciatella Gelato is crafted with care and expertise. It's a labor of love that results in a masterpiece of creamy sophistication.

Versatile Delight: Whether enjoyed in a cone, a cup, or as a delightful accompaniment to your favorite desserts, our Stracciatella Gelato is a versatile pleasure that elevates every moment. It's the epitome of elegance, beautifully uncomplicated.

Savor the Alpine Blend:

Experience the serenity of our Stracciatella Gelato, where the charm of the Italian Alps and the essence of free-range cows combine to create a dessert that's a genuine taste of nature. It's an artful balance of creamy purity and chocolate allure without artificial colors.

Indulge in Stracciatella Sophistication Today! 

Elevate your dessert experience with Gelato per Tutti's Stracciatella Gelato. Let the richness and purity of natural ingredients, along with the freedom of the Alps, transport you to a world of creamy elegance, beautifully blended with dark chocolate allure.